What Is iRemember and What Does It Do?

You can make your photos more memorable with iRemember. It is a digital photo editor that lets you personalize digital photos with the help of customized themes and realistic embellishments. You can make a digital scrapbook of memories. This simple-interfaced software lets you drag and drop pictures and use tools to be applied instantly with a click of a mouse.

Prepare the Page Layout

Crop, resize and add shapes into the layout. Then, from your files, drag and drop any image into the “Shapes” layout. The dropped picture takes the shape of the layout created beforehand. This can still be edited and customized to adjust the appearance of the photo. Add text and labels while you’re at it.

Detail Pictures with Inspector

Add effects to the pictures by changing the details. Change the attributes of a picture like the shape, fill and the image itself. The shape can be rotated and shadowed to give it some drama. Fill the exterior and the insides of the shape with different colors. The image can be embedded, rotated and scaled. The transparency of the picture can also be adjusted especially for multiple pictures.

Add Bundled iRemember Clipart and Artworks

Add frames, cartoon characters, artworks, frames and real-life scanned fabrics for backgrounds to make your photos come to life. Make your digital scrapbook look real and unleash your creativity in the process. There are a lot of choices to choose from. Add borders, corners, ribbons and tags and make each picture a distinct one.