What is iPhoto?

iPhoto is an exciting basic photo editing program that comes in the standard software package on Mac computers. With iphoto you can organize your photos into albums, tag the people in them, create slide shows, and perform basic editing functions including effects. 

When you upload your photos into iphoto from your camera it automatically organizes them into events based on the date they were taken. If your camera has a GPS built into it then iPhoto can organize the photos by the locations where they were taken.

iPhoto is also equipped with facial recognition technology. This means that you can open photo and it will detect the faces in it. To tag the photo all you have to do is enter the person's name next to their face.

You don't have to go through every photo tagging that person. Instead iphoto lets you organize your photos based on the people who are in it. Once a person is tagged a thumbnail is created for them. Click on the thumbnail and you will see the photos you have officially tagged of that person as well as the images that iphoto matched for you, thanks to the facial recognition technology. All you need to do to make the tag official is confirm or deny it.

Basic photo editing is also possible in iPhoto. You can tilt, crop, remove red eyes, and adjust color temperatures and exposures. iPhoto also has eight effects that you can apply to an image.

It's also easy to publish your photos to Facebook or Flickr with iPhoto. Simply create a new album from the file menu and drag the pictures you wish to upload into it. When your album is ready to be uploaded just click the 'Facebook' or 'Flickr' button on the bottom right of the screen, enter your account info, and your photos will upload automatically.

iPhoto is not available on PCs.

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