What Is Instant Photo Effects?

Instant Photo Effects, as the name suggests, is software for creating professional effects on your image. This program from Streetwise Software provides you with hundreds of effects which can be easily applied to your photos with just a few clicks.

Various Effects

This software is loaded with various effects that include giving accents, edges, artistic effects, frames and varied photographic effects. For creating borders, you have range of frames that include objects, art and media frames. If you want to give an artistic touch to your images, you can select different art form effects like impressionism, drawing, canvas painting, emboss and etching.

The program also enables you to give various kinds of edges to your shots which include brush strokes, vignettes and artistic edges. If you want to change the style of how your photo looks, you have effects like Duotone, Digitize, Antique and Color Quadrants.

Basic Photo Editing

Apart from providing many effects, this software is also capable of doing some basic editing of your photos like adjusting the brightness, sharpness, color saturation and contrast.


Instant Photo Effects has a Photo Courier feature that lets you insert your images with the effects into various applications like Power Point, Excel and Word. This software is particularly helpful with Power Point, as you have many options to enhance your presentations. The software also has a collection of stock photos which come very handy for inserting in various presentations. There are also quite a few text features which enable you to add text with different effects and formats.