What Is HyperD?

HyperD technology is one of the latest technologies that can be found in camera format and Dome format. It works extremely well with those heavily demanding applications, especially those that deal with moving in and out of a room (where light strength can easily obscure output).

Picture Quality in Poor Light

A camera that has a very high resolution is able to expose pixel per pixel of an image. If such is used without proper light exposure, HyperDome plus HyperD cameras are able to provide an unrivaled quality of a picture, even in the worst of light settings.

Cameras using HyperD work well at reception areas and at entrances, as they are able to show highlights and/or shadows while giving an accurate balance of the whites.

Found in Fixed or Static Dome

This camera technology can be found in cameras that are either fixed or in static dome. You can find this software in Analogue and Dome plus IP formats. If networking has always been your problem, no need to worry, as this is the solution that you have been searching for.

The next time you need software for your camera, you should consider HyperD technology because the output will be worth the investment. Better still, you do not have to worry about the lighting, as this software will help you bring out the exact picture of the desired scene.