What Is Funny Photo?

Funny Photo is a fun and exciting way to make online photo galleries from your pictures. It offers several ways to share, view and collate your images. You can make realistic montages and add special effects to your album and photos to make them more amusing and entertaining. It can be used by anyone wanting to add a little more flair to her pictures.

User Friendly

Using Funny Photo is very easy with its user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate, and you will be able to get a grasp of the options and controls quickly with the help of the built-in wizard. It will guide you through the steps of making your images come to life.


It also offers a lot of tools and options that you can choose from. You can mix and match these options depending on your taste and what outcome you want. You can alter the size and positioning of your images so that they offer a more interesting viewing experience.

Photo Editor

You can also edit your pictures with the built-in editor, altering them and supplementing them with simple alterations. You can crop, resize and rotate your photos instantly and easily. You can even apply filters while editing or correct red-eye with one click.

Managing Albums

You can also create albums and manage them effectively. With just one click, you can view, organize or even delete whole albums if you want to. Even if you have a lot of photo albums, managing them efficiently makes it easier to view and find specific photos. Funny Photo can even provide you HTML codes that you can paste on your website or Internet forums.