What Is Frame Explorer?

Frame Explorer is a revolutionary way to help you decide which particular frame or frames to use for your photos. When deciding which frame and what type of material you should use for your family portrait, try out this program to make your selection process much easier and faster. It lets you visualize your options with its numerous tools so you can apply them to your photos.

Frame Styles

Select the type of frame that you want to place your photo in. Do you want a large and thick frame or a small and slender one that merely borders your image? There are a lot of professionally designed frames to choose from; you just have to pick one and with one click of your mouse, it can be applied immediately to your image and you can see how it will look.


You can either go single, double, triple or have no matting at all. Choosing the perfect matting can also be quite difficult. Frame Explorer instantly applies these matting styles for you to see.

Textures and Colors

There are also a wide variety of textures and colors to choose from. You can mix and match each one until you get the desired effect. This can be extremely tedious if you have to do it manually and may take a lot of time.

Display Simulation

With this feature, you can see how your chosen frame will look against certain backgrounds, scenarios or lighting. Frame Explorer allows you to immediately see the effect of your chosen designs on various pre-determined conditions so you can more or less determine the final look or output.