What Is Focus Magic?

Focus Magic is a program that was created with the intention of sharpening old images. This program runs the photo through various sections to sharpen and enhance the scene you are viewing to bring it out in greater detail. It brings items that are blurred into better focus. It doesn’t matter what caused the image to blur, whether it was a shaky hand or action that was too fast. It even enhances photographs you thought were perfect.

New Version

There is a free trial available for you to download which you can use on some of your photos. There is currently a new version out which even improves on previous versions. The current version runs the photo through its system and almost auto corrects the photo. Once it is happy with the resulting image, it shows a green light. Once you click on the green light, you are done.

JPEG Photos

Working with Focus Magic is far from fast, especially if the files sizes are very large. Maybe it is quicker with a more modern computer, but the program examines in such minute detail that it does take time to achieve. The standard version can deal with jpeg photos, but you need to update with the Focus Magic plug in to deal with other files.