What Is Eye-Fi?

If you know about photography, then you have probably heard of Eye-Fi. This is a well known company which produces a range of wireless SD memory cards. There are many advantages of using these wireless memory cards. When choosing these cards, you will need to decide exactly which memory cards will work the best.

Eye-Fi Memory Cards

Eye-Fi cards are exactly the same size as a regular SD card and are available in a range of different capacities. These cards have a built-in wireless transmitter which makes it easy to connect to the card. An Eye-Fi card will add wireless capability to your digital camera. This will offer many advantages.

Advantages of Wireless Cards

There are many advantages for anyone who decides to use Eye-Fi memory cards. These cards make it very simple to transfer the photos from your camera to your computer. It's possible to download the photos from your camera even if you don't have the USB cable. This also means that you can leave your camera anywhere in your home and access the photos as long as it is turned on.

Eye-Fi Premium

Eye Fi premium is an application which can be used to upload your photos to a sharing website. This makes it easy to share your photos without needing to upload them from your computer. The premium service is available for a monthly fee.

Email Sharing

All users of Eye-Fi cards have access to free email sharing. This can be set up to send the photos from your camera to your computer.