What Is Digital Scrapbook?

Digital Scrapbook is a computer software program used to take your video or image files and make them into a DVD movie. It comes preinstalled onto a DVD when you order a scrapbook from the company. The program is part of the video DVD that's made from your images, and you can use it within the DVD to edit the existing photos on it.

No Extra Downloads

Once you have Digital Scrapbook on your video DVD, you don’t need to download anything else to get it to work. You can pick or choose any images from your project on the disk and edit it using the program. You can even add more photos, but you can’t take it off the DVD; it only works from within the existing scrapbook file and automatically comes on when you use your DVD and hit play.

Files Can Be Edited

Using the Digital Scrapbook program on the DVD, you can view your images and manipulate them in several ways. You can add words or subtitles, make a storyboard, put in sound files or print your photos. You can add additional images to help create your own personalization, too.

Album Can Be Shared

Digital Scrapbook allows you to either print or email the photos or the entire scrapbook files to anyone you want. You can also put them on a website to share.