What Is Comic Life?

Comic Life, available for both Mac and PC users, is a program that was developed by Plasq. It comes automatically on Intel Macs, as it is part of the company's bundle.

About the Program

Comic Life was designed originally to work on Macs and has since been extended to the PC. What the program does is make comic strips. It is also able to make scrapbooks. If you have a web cam or an iPhone, you can take a photo and place it in the comic strip. In fact, you can use any photo that is on your hard drive to do this. The program filters the photo into the comic strip by a simple method of drag and drop.

Once the photograph is place, you can use the additions available in the program to make captions or balloons to add to the comic strip. Originally the program was designed to be used with the software suites of the iLife and iPhoto programs. There is a range of templates which you can use.


The program comes in two different packs: the standard pack at $24.95 or the deluxe package at $29.95. You can also download the trial version.

Easy to Use

Comic Life has a large format where you can view your items on the screen and tweak them to move them around into the formation you want to create. You can make headings in all sorts of available styles and colors, as well as make balloons to come out of people’s mouths with funny comments. All the normal file extensions such as jpeg, png, tiff and HTML are supported by Comic Life.