What Is Color Pilot?

Color Pilot is color correction software that makes it easy for you to manipulate the color of images in a few easy steps. If you have digital photos that may not have come out the way you wanted them to, or if the color is a bit off, this program can make your life easier by correcting the present color or hue.

Easy to Use

Instead of using full image editing software, Color Pilot is a very good option since you can instantly alter the colors within an image to make them more like the actual color. There are examples found in the program that you can play with in order to get the hang of how it works.

Selective Color Correction

This program is not just limited to color correcting entire images. You can specify a part of the image that you wish to be altered. It let’s you select which part should be changed and which part can stay the current color.

Batch Correction

When you plan to correct a number of images, Color Pilot gives you the option to alter the color style of all these images simultaneously. This is especially useful when you are preparing catalogs or posters with different images, but of the same color style and hue.

Free Trial

The program also offers a free trial version that is readily available for download. You can enjoy all of the benefits of the paid version. The only drawback of this version of Color Pilot is that you can only save your images to a maximum of 512 x 512 pixels.