What Is Collage Maker?

If you want to present your photographs in a unique pattern, then Collage Maker is a program you should consider. It allows you to make collages of your photographs and display your memories in a creative way.

About the Program

A collage is a collection of photographs grouped together to present you with a comprehensive overall picture of an event or a person. This program gives you the ability to do this in several different ways. Should you want to group all your school photos into one collage, you can do so by moving them up, down, sideways and at various angles until you get the look you want to keep. The screen is large, and you have simple manipulative tools available. There are many borders filters and other effects you can try out. There is a trial version available that works for 30 days, but some of the tools aren’t available with the trial.


All the buttons are there to make things easy for you. They are situated down one side of the screen for easy access. The array of tools available is almost enough to overwhelm you. It is fairly simple to use the program, even though you might feel overwhelmed with all your options. It is easy to become accustomed to the program, and you will soon be making and displaying beautiful collages.