What Is CamWork?

CamWork is a DOS program that downloads images from digital cameras such as Olympus, Agfa and Epson Digital. It is a small program that only requires 65kb. It also does not require any tedious installation or setup.

History and Market

CamWork was introduced in 1997 by Tawbaware Software and is still available for download. This program basically targets digital camera users with relatively old operating systems running on their computers. For people who haven’t upgraded their old desktop computers and who are happy with them, this program is perfect because images from digital cameras can still be downloaded and stored.


CamWork is compatible with Windows 3.X and 95, and also with MS-DOS 3.3 or higher. It also only needs 640kb worth of memory in order to run since it is such a simple program. A computer that is 8086 or higher will also be able to handle it.


Since this is a program that runs on DOS, features can be accessed via command line switches. For example, the command CAMWORK/bw displays the downloaded pictures in black and white, while CAMWORK/d [drive: \path] specifies the download destination of the images.

Additional Features

This program also has some features that may be useful while downloading images from your digital cameras. For example, it can monitor the battery life of the camera and is able to determine its total actuations. It also has the ability to automatically name files with a prefix of “image” (e.g. image01, image 02, etc.). It also does not overwrite the existing files so CamWork keeps all your precious images intact.