What Is Camera FX?

Camera FX is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that lets you have fun with your camera. It adds several lens effects to your pictures and each one is different. This can be an addictive application since it can instantly alter the look of an image, which can be fun and amusing. You can take several pictures of your friends and see them in a whole new light.

Competitive Price

The good thing about this application is that it’s not that expensive and is very light on the pocket. For less than a dollar, you can get this application and start having fun with your camera immediately. Purchasing Camera FX is well worth your dollar since it makes good use of your iPhone or iPod’s camera (and maximizes it).

Different Lens Effects

Choose from 20 different lens effects that can be applied to your camera. Take several photos of a single subject and try to see which effect best matches it. The effects are also instantly applied to the image and you can view them immediately. If you do not like a particular effect, simply delete the image and move to the next one.


Apple regularly gives updates to its products and Camera FX is no exception. Always check the Applestore for the updates in order to enjoy new and exciting lens effects. Once you’ve purchased the program the first time, updates are already free which keeps on improving the application’s effectiveness.


With the latest updates installed, you can now instantly share your images online. You can connect directly to Facebook or Twitter via Camera FX and share your photos with your friends and family.