What Editing Software Is Best for Manipulating Facial Features?

Facial features can be altered with Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro can offer you several different types of photo manipulation options for your photos. There are several different types of ways to manipulate a face using paint shop pro. Below are some of the more popular ways you can alter the way a face looks in a photo.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be a quick and easy way to alter a face in a picture.

  1. In order to do this you will need to zoom into the teeth as much as you need to be able to get a good view of them.
  2. From here you will need to select the 'retouch' tool.
  3. Adjust this tool so that it is smaller than the teeth.
  4. You will need to paint over the teeth using the 'dodge' tool to lighten them. It is wise to have the teeth selected before you use the dodge tool.


There is a suntan option in your toolbar.

  1. Once you select it you can play around with the strength of the color and alter the size of your brush.
  2. Once you have played around with the color strength and gotten it to a natural looking shade, you'll need to zoom into the picture and paint over the skin with the brush. Be careful that you do not get this paint on any of the clothing, hair, eyes or lips in the picture. When you get to these areas it will be a good idea to make the brush smaller.

Skin Smoothing

You can use Paint Shop Pro to remove unwanted blemishes or marks from faces in your digital photos easily. Using the tools provided it is easy to remove noticeable marks in just a few simple steps. The Blur and Blend options can be applied to the entire photo or specific area you highlight. Along with each option you can adjust the severity and contrast in the effect itself to make the effect appear as natural and unnoticeable as possible. If the preset options provided in Paint Shop Pro do not meet your needs you can always just use the basic drawing tools as well. By taking a color from another area and painting it over the spot you want to correct or by simply cropping an image you can remove many imperfections as well.

Face Morphing

Paint Shop Pro also gives you many tools to have fun with your photos in a variety of different ways. One common use is the distort tool. By selecting this tool and then dragging it across your digital photo you can extend and stretch any part of the picture that you want. This is often done when turning portraits into caricatures before applying a drawing effect over the photo to turn it into a cartoon. By combining the facial morphing tools provided with the different filter effects you can turn any photo into any type of abstract artwork.

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