What Does Watermark Factory Do?

Watermark Factory can be used to protect your images by watermarking them. This makes it possible to easily add an image or text as a watermark over the top of an image. This can be used to add comments to an image and also prevent people from using your images without your permission.

Batch Processing

One useful feature offered by Watermark Factory is batch processing. This means that you can load a large list of different images and then automatically add the same watermark to to all of the images. This dramatically speeds up the process of adding watermarks to your entire image collection.

Basic Editing

As well as offering watermarking functions, Watermark Factory supports basic image editing techniques. This makes it possible to rotate, crop and re-size the image. This makes it easy to make the image look perfect. There are also a number of different effects which can be applied.

Applying Watermarks

It's easy to apply the watermarks. To do this, look at the image preview and click on the watermarks tab. Various watermark designs can be added to protect the image. This can be moved around by clicking on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the preview window.

Then it's possible to set the format that you want to generate the watermarked images as. The output folder can be chosen, or you can choose to output the files to the same directory as the original file. Clicking the large play button will then start the application, adding the watermarks into all of the images.