What Does VideoImpression Do?

VideoImpression makes it easy to create outstanding multimedia presentations. This program combines photos with video clips and their audio content. It also combines text and scene transitions. The end result is cool home movies and excellent slide shows. All this can be achieved by anyone, including those who are not experts with computers. It is a program that is normally shipped with consumer digital photo and video cameras.

Unique Interface

This program has a very unique interface, which comprises of six different tabs that will guide you through the entire movie creation process. The first tab is for importing and organizing different types of media such as MP3 files and video and digital photographs.

Camera Controls

VideoImpression allows you to control your camera by making use of the Start, Fast Forward and Stop buttons. You can also make use of the camera controls to review videos that you have imported from other sources. To import a video from a digital video camera to VideoImpression, you will need to first cue the video from the camera, start the camera, and then press Record on the VideoImpression Media tab.

Editing/Adding Effects

This program offers you five different tabs to edit videos and to add effects, titles as well as narration. You can also use different features to help you include different fun transitions and text effects.