What Does TrueLook Do?

TrueLook is a webcam service that integrates itself onto your website. Once you install TrueLook on your web server or hosting space, people who visit your website will be able to access your network of web cameras in real time. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of TrueLook so you can get a feel for the service.

Interactive Web Cams

As previously mentioned, TrueLook allows your website visitors to view your web cameras live. However, the live cameras that are available on your website are also interactive. By simply clicking on one of the live web cameras that appears on your website, visitors will be able to tilt, zoom and pan the camera so that they can focus in on an area of interest.

No Waiting Period

Many services that are similar to TrueLook will make visitors to your website wait a set period of time before they can view and interact with your network of web cameras. That is not the case with TrueLook. Not only does TrueLook feature no waiting period for those who want to view your live cameras, but TrueLook also allows an unlimited number of people to control the same camera at a single time.

Free Viral Marketing

Once you have purchased and installed TrueLook, visitors who are viewing your network of live web cameras will be able to send email picture postcards to their friends and family. The email picture postcard will contain a link that goes back to your live network of web cameras. It doesn't cost you any money for visitors to send email picture postcards, which means you will be able to increase viral traffic to your website for free.