What does True blur Do?

TrueBlur is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that is made by Fixer Labs. TrueBlur is designed to increase the softness of your images. When you increase the softness of an image, the images appears more realistic looking. TrueBlur is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. This guideline will go over a few features of TrueBlur, such as its ability to add blur and noise and its user friendly interface.

1. Adding Blur

One way to increase the softness of a photo is to add blur to the photo. The purpose of adding blur to a photo is to make the person that is looking at the photo pay more attention to a different aspect of the photo. With TrueBlur, you can easily add blur to your photo by simply opening the TrueBlur plug-in and clicking on the blur increase arrow until you have achieved the perfect amount of realistic blur.

2. Adding Noise

Generally speaking, you often look to reduce the amount of noise that is in your photo. However, if you are looking to increase the softness of your photo, you may want to add noise so that people pay more attention to the main subject of the photo. As with adding blur, you can add noise to your photo by simply clicking on the increase noise arrow.

3. User Friendly Interface

One of the best features of TrueBlur is its user friendly interface. TrueBlur completely integrates itself into Adobe Photoshop. To use TrueBlur, simply click on the TrueBlur plug-in when you have Photoshop open. The image that you are editing will automatically appear in the TrueBlur control panel and you will be able to add blur and noise to your image with just a few clicks of your mouse.