What Does Tkexe Do?

Tkexe is a free calendar designer that needs less than 10 megabytes on your hardware. Developers of this application have not given that much importance to the interface, but they have still managed to make Tkexe useful and fairly easy to use.

Features of Tkexe

Calendars designed in Tkexe can have up to two images for a month and designers can choose Sunday or Monday to be the first day of the week. This offers the possibility to separately customize each page of the calendar.

Because it is available in 17 languages, users can create a Tkexe calendar in English, German, French, Italian or other European languages on the available list and mark the dates for German, Austrian, American or British holidays. There are different templates with customizable formats, colors and fonts for each calendar type (weekly, monthly or birthday calendar).

It is not necessarily to upload images from the Internet; Tkexe allows users to insert their own images due to the easy-to-use incorporated image browser. This is not a program for designers seeking professional templates; everyone can have fun creating custom calendars with Tkexe Kalender.

Tkexe is available for free as a ZIP file and it installs shortcuts with no previous permission.