What Does Tave Do For You?

Tave (more accurately called Táve) is an all-in-one studio management solution for the professional photographer. Tave is one-of-a-kind software that has been applauded by the professional photographer community. This is not without a good reason. Read on to learn more about Tave and what it can do for you.

About Tave

Tave (current version 3.0) is a one-stop studio management software solution. When you, as a professional photographer, start using the Tave, you will find out that it addresses a lot of your long-standing needs, as well as the ones that you did not foresee.

Features of Tave

Tave helps you to organize your studio’s business and accept online bookings. It is a breeze to send out quotations to any new lead. Once the new lead has booked your quotation, you can get them to sign the contract electronically and avoid a lot of expenses involved in paper work. You can easily extend this functionality by paying for you retainer right from your home or studio.

Tave also streamlines all of your email conversations and tracks the leads with it. It allows you to setup forms that potential customers can use to contact you. You can also organize the tasks at hand and keep a tab on the financial flows by using Tave. Other features include a fully featured contact manager and proposal system. The services of Tave can be used for a nominal fee of $25 per month.