What Does Systweak Photo Album Do?

Systweak Photo Album is an application through which users manage to create albums of their digital photos, which can be viewed like the albums of printed images. Digital cameras offer the possibility to take hundreds and thousands of pictures. Having too many pictures brings forth the difficulty of keeping track of them. Organizing digital photography when too many pictures gather is what Systweak Photo Album is programmed to do. But this is not the only thing it can do:

1. Creates Photo Albums and Organizes Them

Users can create photo albums, visualize, manage and edit them. Pictures can be organized by occasion or topic in an unlimited number of albums.

2. Edits Pictures at a Good Quality for Print

The built-in editor is a good tool to prepare pictures for print. The quality resulted enables users to print their pictures at the same quality as on digital.

3. User-friendly Interface

Systweak has an interface similar to Explorer where items can be dragged and dropped into albums. Users can import images from any source, in mostly any format. Systweak supports bmp,psd,png, gif,jpg, jpeg, tiff and many other possible image formats. Images last longer than in any other situation and they can even be burned on CDs and shared on email.