What Does Squizz Do?

Squizz is a program that is made by Human Software that allows you to create amazing distortions. Squizz is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Squizz is also compatible with most major image editing programs, which means you can take the distortions that you create in Squizz and use them in images that you are editing in Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop and other popular image editing programs.

1. The Brush Tool

Once you start using Squizz, you will find that the brush tool is your best friend. The brush tool is what you will use most of the time to create image distortions. The brush tool in Squizz even allows you to freeze images to create unique, one of a kind looking image distortions in no time at all.

2. Advanced Grid

The advanced grid in Squizz makes creating sophisticated distortions easy. The advanced grid in Squizz allows you to grab hold of the grid and move it in any direction to expand or pinch the image that you are editing. You can even take the advanced grid in Squizz and turn it into a set of Bezier curves for an easy distortion creation.

3. Easy to Use

Squizz is very easy to use thanks to a user friendly interface. Squizz has a large preview option, which makes it easy for you to make precise changes to the image that you are distorting. Regardless of the level of detail that you have set in Squizz, you are able to pan and zoom, as well. Squizz also supports all major color models, such as CMYK, RGB and LAB.