What Does SmileBox Do for You?

SmileBox is software that helps you create various types of mediums to express yourself. It allows you to be creative and have fun at the same time. It is software with great features through which you can make scrapbooks, invitations, e-vites, calendars and more, and then share them with family and friends all over the world.

Customized Designs

SmileBox has thousands of designs that you can customize to make them unique for your event. Therefore, whether it is a birthday card, New year's calendar, seasonal card, wedding card or even a family or school scrapbook, you can find a design for all these formats and more categories.

Personalizing Creations

You can add your own photographs, videos, text and music to make your creations all that much more personal. You can upload videos from a vacation or event and turn them into a greeting card, scrapbook or invitation for different occasions. Using the text tool, you can give humorous captions to your many photographs and add one-liners to your scrapbooks. You can also include your favorite music from the music library, which has over 2,000 songs, or use music from your computer.


SmileBox lets you share your unique creative designs through various platforms and social media networks, such as Facebook and MySpace. It also allows you to invite your friends and e-mail your work to them or publish it on the blogging sites.