What Does Screen Gear Do?

Screen Gear is software that helps you view and make screen savers. It also functions as an image viewer and supports most kinds of image files, making it a versatile program for presentations and slide shows. You can have multiple programs running at the same time. You can view images and play the music files simultaneously.


Installation is very easy. Once installed, you can program the software to appear in the start up. Thus, it will be up and working when your computer is started.


It takes up very little space, only about 900KB, making it a favorable option as compared to other similar products.


You can play any of the files one by one or mix and shuffle them to play in a single segment. With the application launcher, you can select the applications of your choice to be launched by Screen Gear. Also, if you are bored of working on a particular application, you can easily switch to another one by selecting hot keys. This is done with the help of the application switcher. Along with all this, you get many choices for password protection.

Tool Kit

If you do not like the Screen Gear logo or want to personalize it with your own logo, then you can do so with the tool kit. Along with this, you can create codes for registering and make the screen saver files unique (so no one else can view them). You also get access to technical support in your creative endeavor to make your own screen savers.