What Does Print Creations Do?

Print Creations is one of the latest offerings of Arcsoft that puts together the best printing applications into one program. It makes card, calendar, albums, sign and poster creations simple and fun to share. Print Creations offers a number of special features for easy project lay-out, designing and printing.

Face Cleaning Function

Placing an image onto your project is easy and with Print Creations face cleaning function, it even becomes easier. This function removes wrinkles and blemishes from skin in an instant.

Easy Edit Features

You can rotate, flip and zoom the image while adjusting the brightness, color and contrast. Everything is done in one click, including the one color effect for your photos. Use a wide selection of templates for your project design that’s best suited for your photo project.

Print Wizard

You are led through an easy-to-follow, step by step procedure when printing your projects. It guarantees making even a double-sided and folded print simple to create.

Auto Greetings

You can automatically see suggested greetings or text on your project lay-out. It also offers intelligent text editing and spell checking for all projects.

Easy Sharing

Finished projects can be uploaded easily for sharing online through the website or email. It can easily be sent to a professional printing service too.