What Does PhotoFiddle Do?

Photofiddle has recently become a popular online service. Users can upload digital photographs on the website and turn them into pieces of art that they can hang on walls. Here is what to expect from Photofiddle.com:

Pictures Turned into Art

Photofiddle works with digital images uploaded on the website and turns them into custom pieces of art. Users have the possibility to choose various styles from pencil sketch and watercolor to pop-art posters and more.

User Friendly Interface

Photofiddle.com is easy to use. The friendly interface shows users how to choose a design, upload a picture, crop it and then preview the result. It all takes approximately two minutes to choose the final details for printing.


The downside of Photofiddle is the fact that there is no possible way to return to the previous picture after uploading another. The website does not support saving a project with the option to later return to it. However, there are numerous interesting photo collages for users to choose from.

To make sure they receive their pictures in print, users must go all the way to the checkout phase and add the image to the shopping cart (until they decide to buy it). This is, in fact, the correct way to order prints that need someone else’s approval.