What Does MagicCamera Do?

MagicCamera is a software program that offers a different twist to how people chat with video. It gives you the option to add webcam effects to make video-chatting more enjoyable. You can add different characters, and animate and distort webcam images to enhance your chat experience. Here is how that happens.

Webcam Effects

You can distort webcam images, add photo frames and change your background to give your usual web-chatting some excitement. You can also add emoticons and animations, and draw and chat on video with a very easy to use interface. For the effects to be applied, click on the option and drag the video.

Virtual Webcam for Live Broadcast and Webcam Chat

Sharing videos has never been this easy with this feature. You can play online games and watch movies with a friend. Dual and multiple virtual webcams can be used as well to open several video streaming broadcasts at the same time.

Webcam Recording

You can record webcam activities and videos with MagicCamera. A playback feature is also included to allow viewing at a later time. At the same time, still images can be taken from the webcam.

Expand the MagicCamera Package

You can download more effects online for free. This will not only increase your enjoyment for chatting online, but extra features also allow desktop sharing for remote assistance, advertisements and online demo.

Making simple things more exciting is possible with the MagicCamera. It gives you and your friends more reasons to chat and have fun even while away from each other.