What Does Magic Photo Editor Do?

You can edit your photos with ease and add different enticing elements to them with Magic Photo Editor. Magic Photo Editor helps make editing your pictures more interesting as you change the backdrop and improve the quality of your photos with complementing designs.

Creating a New Project

The interface gives you the option to click on ‘New.’ This will set you up for a new project. The ‘Photo’ button will then allow you to upload your digital picture.

Changing the Backdrop Image

Clicking on the ‘Backdrop’ button allows you to choose from a wide range of pictures. You may choose from your own or search the Internet for other options.

Changing the Photo Mask

Your chosen picture will be set on different shapes ranging from simple ones to more complex designs. There are 180 masks to choose from and all it takes is your creativity to match the picture with the mask.

Adding Clipart or Cartoon Pictures

This option of the Magic Photo Editor animates your picture even more. Based on the backdrop and the mask, you can make your picture come alive with different pictures and characters. There are 180 characters to choose from, from the classic Mickey Mouse to the more contemporary characters.

Adding and Deleting Frames

You can have your picture framed in different seasons, designs and colors and make it stand out. Since there are 200 frames to choose from, it is likely to change your mind while looking for the perfect frame. The ‘Delete Frame’ makes this easier for you.

Adjusting the Position and Size

Click and drag the picture or text that you wish to modify to change the size and position of each element.