What Does Magic Gallery Do?

Editing photo thumbnails is easy with the Magic Gallery Thumbnail Software. It has all the elements needed to perform basic photo editing and has the tools needed to create an online web album. It lets you edit, adjust and touch up photos. It also enables you to publish pictures on the web and helps make them look good.

Magic Gallery has easy to use features and a helpful support to make editing and photo management easier. The interface is easy to navigate and even gives a daily tip to help you improve your everyday photo management. Magic Gallery can help you in many ways, including:


Importing pictures from digital devices, such as scanners, cameras and webcams, is easy with the built-in support software. It allows pictures from your devices to be directly transferred without the need for other software set-ups.

Rotating and Flipping

It might be easier to take pictures in a different direction especially when using a digital camera. The rotate and flip feature of the Magic Gallery allows photos to be rotated in the right orientation when they get to the computer.

Color Adjustment

To get the best quality of your pictures, the color schemes and shades may need to be adjusted. Individually, the red, blue and green shades of the picture may be changed for drama and give it a sharper, clearer outcome.

Embed Watermark

Add your signature logo or a copyright sign on your pictures. It gives a professional look to your gallery and leaves a good impression to those who will see it. This will also help protect your rights and let people know that it is your original portrait.

Making your pictures look great requires less time and effort with Magic Gallery Thumbnail Software. You can have the best-looking photos in no time.