What Does ISPQ Do?

ISPQ is software for video messaging and holding live webcam chats in different chat rooms. The software provides good quality video in high resolution and is loaded with various features. Here are a few things this software can do.

Profile Gallery

ISPQ builds a profile gallery where you can see all the pictures of members with their profiles on one screen. This type of viewing makes it easy to search for the person you want to talk to.

Pick Your Group

The software provides a wide range of chat rooms with various themes. You can choose among Couples Room, Friends & Family and many other types.

Video Messaging and V-Mail

ISPQ enables you to record a video message with audio and then send it to the chosen members of a community or to your friends via email. You can also capture an image with your webcam and relay it in real time to various members. The software also has an integrated video email function where your captured video or snapshot can be sent to any email address.

Privacy and Security Settings

ISPQ can set the level of privacy you desire, by which your profile information is not displayed to members, although your photo will be available for common viewing. For security, the software is able to scan all incoming messages and alert you if there is any objectionable content.