What Does InstantGallery Do?

InstantGallery is a program that is made by ThinkMac Software that allows you to create web galleries instantly. The galleries that you are able to create with InstantGallery can be viewed from all major web browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. InstantGallery is compatible with Mac operating systems only, and you can even integrate your FTP client with InstantGallery for easy photo uploads. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of InstantGallery so you can get a feel for the program.

User Friendly Interface

You will be hard pressed to find a web gallery creation program that is easier to use than InstantGallery. InstantGallery uses state of the art drag and drop technology for instant web gallery creation. Simply select one of the gallery templates from InstantGallery or design your own template. You can then drag photos from anywhere on your computer and drop them right onto your template in InstantGallery. InstantGallery comes with a wide selection of high quality CSS themes. If you are not interested in using those, InstantGallery comes with a theme design guide that will help you design your own web gallery themes with ease. InstantGallery allows you to create web photo galleries using photos you have on your computer, images from the web, scanned photos and much more.

Gallery Customization

The great thing about InstantGallery is the fact that InstantGallery allows you to completely customize your web photo gallery. With InstantGallery, you are able to control the layout of your gallery, which is a major plus. InstantGallery allows you to choose the number of rows and columns that will appear on each page of your online photo gallery. You can even customize your web gallery by adding HTML to the header or footer of each page of your online photo gallery. One of the best features of InstantGallery is the ability to add instant searching to your gallery. You don't have to know how to code to add searching to your gallery. By adding searching, those who view your online photo gallery will be able to browse through your photos by simply typing keywords into the search box that InstantGallery created for you.

Effects and Watermarking

InstantGallery even comes with cool effects that you can add to the images in your web photo gallery. A couple of the effects that come standard with InstantGallery include reflections and drop shadows. If you have had problems in the past with people stealing photos that you have uploaded to the Internet, then you will love InstantGallery. InstantGallery allows you to apply watermarks to your images with ease. You can use a watermark that you have created on your own or you can let InstantGallery create a watermark for you. You are even able to change the font, opacity, and much more of the watermark that you can create with InstantGallery.