What Does iLife Do?

One of the trusted names in media processing and media device production is Apple and the same quality is present with iLife. Once you purchase a new Mac, iLife is automatically installed and updated online. It is Apple software that allows you to view photos, watch movies and create and mix sound files with built-in musical instrument simulators or by recording your own performance. Here is a brief look at what iLife offers.


Have your photos organized extraordinarily with iPhoto. It naturally detects the faces of people in the photo and even recognizes faces that look alike. Once you have already named a person, iPhoto automatically names the individual in others photos. Aside from that, it gives you a set of faces that you can choose from and confirm simply by clicking on them. You may also have this synced with your iPhone or iPad. For the places that you have been to, iLife will automatically have them located from your iPhone or GPS-enabled camera. Remember events easier, too, as iPhoto detects when the photos are taken once you insert your SD card.


Create your own movie trailers easily by simply clicking and dropping clips onto the storyboard. Don’t worry about the transitions, effects and titles, iMovie does it all for you. Choose from different genres of films, from action to adventure, love story to holidays. You may also add audio files like music, voiceovers and sound effects to give a better feel to the movie.


Have your own music recorded, played synced and mixed with other music files of your choice. It gives you a list of the songs that you can play and gives you the notes to press and strings to strum. Edit notations and create your own songs. Plug in your favorite musical instrument as the GarageBand becomes your own recording studio rolled into one. Edit, mix and master your audio files and have them shared with your friends.

Enjoy more music and sounds with features that only iLife provides and have your entertainment tools right in your Mac.