What Does GeoVision Software Do?

GeoVision Software is slick and very modern, providing all the features that you would normally associate with a good CCTV camera. It can do many things, such as schedule recordings, configure motion detection and search your recordings (and a whole lot more).

If you wish, you can set up this software so that it watches specific objects, then informs you when they go missing. It is also possible to mask those areas of your picture which you think are not relevant so that trivial and unimportant movements do not end up triggering its motion detection capabilities.

Major Features

GeoVision Software has a number of useful features including the PIP (Picture in Picture) feature that can be used with Megapixel camera. It also offers video analytics and provides access control integration. Other notable features include sing sign-on for Multiview, as well as E-map for easier access to many pre-assigned DVRs.

Vista 32 Bits

This software also supports Windows Vista, 32 bits and provides better screen resolutions including those such as 1920 x 1200, 1600 x 1200 and 1680 x 1050. Face Detection is a new feature that can capture the human face for faster video retrieval.

Visual Automation and Password Management

Visual Automation is a major feature that helps in operating electronic appliances by triggering the desired output device. This means that with this software, it is possible to control appliances by simply clicking on the appliance’s image on the monitor. Managing password expiration can also be done with considerable ease, which in turn leads to maximizing security for the entire surveillance system.