What Does Galleroo Do?

Galleroo creates a web gallery or web image album for Windows 2000, NT and XP. It also supports movies and annotation and has templates and gallery layouts to help in the process of creating a gallery. The software is generally free, but professional and advanced features are available in the commercial edition for $10.


The layout for the gallery is determined in the style option. It can be changed using different designs, which already have a template, or it could be customized with HTML and XSL stylesheets. There is also a preview area to sample the choices.

Go! Button

This button generates the overall selections including the theme and the style. While in progress, you may stop the process when the same button provides the option.

Mandatory and Optional Style Options

This is where most images are customized and where information can be modified. This includes options that would be applied to the images and those which will be seen by viewers of the gallery.

CSS Customization

This is where it gets more technical, as the minutest detail of the gallery can be modified through CSS data.

These are only a few of the features of Galleroo. If you are a detail-oriented user, this is the software for you.