What Does FotoCanvas Do?

FotoCanvas is an easy to use image editing program that is made by ACD Systems. In addition to being able to crop, resize and rotate images, you can also use FotoCanvas to fix lighting issues, adjust the color of your images and much more. This guideline will give a brief overview of a few of the best features of FotoCanvas so you can get a feel for the program.

Dodge and Burn Tool

The Dodge and Burn tool is one of the best image editing tools that comes with FotoCanvas. You can quickly and easily use the Dodge and Burn tool in FotoCanvas to correct any lighting issues in your digital image. The Dodge and Burn Tool is even capable of lightening a person's face.

Image Personalization

One of the best features of FotoCanvas is the Bubble Talk and Thought Text tool. You can use that tool in FotoCanvas to personalize your image by adding text to it. With the Bubble Talk and Thought Text tool, you can add comic strip effects or quotes to your photos with ease.

Batch Processing

In addition to being a great image editing program, FotoCanvas is also capable of batch processing. To use the batch processing tool in FotoCanvas, simply select your photos that need to be processed, configure the modifications that need to be made to the photos, and FotoCanvas will handle the rest for you. If enabled, FotoCanvas will even display a preview of what each image will look like with the selected modifications before the image is processed.