What Does FaceWarp Do?

FaceWarp, which is made by Cognimatics, is an image processing program that is designed for mobile phones. With FaceWarp, you can take faces in various pictures and deform them with different warp filters that are available in the library that comes with FaceWarp. FaceWarp is able to run on most mobile phones, including the iPhone. This guideline will go over a few key features of FaceWarp so you can get a feel for the program.

Automatic Face Detection

One of the best features of FaceWarp is automatic face detection. When you open a photo in FaceWarp, the program will automatically detect the face of the subject in the photo. You can then easily access the warp library in FaceWarp to apply a warp filter to the face. FaceWarp can detect faces in both single person and group pictures.

Design Tool

FaceWarp comes with 16 different warp filters that you can apply to faces. However, the design tool in FaceWarp allows you to create your own one of a kind warp filters, too. To create your own filters, you will need to install a program called Cognimatics FaceWarp Design Tool on your Windows PC. Once you have created your new warp filter, you can easily transfer it to your mobile phone.

Sharing Your Warps

The great thing about FaceWarp is the fact that FaceWarp makes it easy for you to share your warps with your friends and family. Once you have applied a warp filter to a picture on your mobile phone, simply save the picture. If your mobile phone is compatible, FaceWarp will always save your pictures in high resolution. Once saved, FaceWarp will help you email your funny looking photo to your friends and family.