What Does ExacqVision VMS Software Do?

exacqVision VMS Software is a Video Management System (VMS), and this software comes pre-installed on certain exacqVision systems, including the Internet Protocol (IP) servers, hybrid servers, exacqVision EL-Series, IP embedded servers and Z-Series Servers. But, you can also purchase it separately. The exacqVision VMS Software program is a security solution for business consumers.


The exacqVision VMS Software system allows you to record video captured by IP video surveillance cameras and then view this data on any computer using one of the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. You can add up to 64 IP cameras per server, and you can view these cameras from virtually anywhere in the world. You simply need to pull up your account from your Internet browser, or view the data on any mobile device with Internet access.

Camera Support

This VMS software system supports most major brand IP encoders and cameras. It can also handle the lastest IP camera advances, including analytics, megapixel cameras and H.264. And, you can always add additional camera licenses to your server.

Graphical Interface

This system uses a client interface designed for the new user. It’s easy to learn and setup, and you can add as many networks as you need. Another nice feature of this system is the ability to map camera locations and then watch the map for camera activity. You can view different cameras on a single monitor, and this system also features a drag and drop feature. This feature allows you to drag maps and cameras on to different monitors. You can search for data using the Smartsearch function, and you can export your audio, POS and video data if you need it somewhere else.