What Does DigiPhoto Gallery Do?

One of the many things that you can do with DigiPhoto is create an online gallery that will allow you to enjoy and remember memories of past celebrations. Apart from this, there are different features which will make this process easier for you. Because the interface is easy to understand and use, it will help you reduce the time it takes you to manage your photos.

Project Details

The first step will allow you to create a new project or open a project. The interface gives you these two options and also enables you to view the project information of previous files. Like the succeeding steps, it has the option to register the software, ask for online help and learn more about DigiPhoto.

Adding Pictures

The add pictures step allows you to see the file name, image size and file size. It also has a preview area where the picture can be seen prior to moving into the next step. The images can also be sorted out by name, rotated, and rearranged using the up and down buttons. Short and long descriptions can also be added for each chosen picture.

Gallery Options

The Gallery options allow you to change the total appearance of the gallery. Options for titles, thumbnails, index page, images and images page are available. Size, background color, navigation options and others are provided.

Create Gallery

Tick boxes are provided for creation of HTML, thumbnail images and images. The Create Gallery and View Gallery options are available. A progress bar shows how much of the gallery is being created.

Saving Project

You can save the pictures created from DigiPhoto Gallery. If there are necessary changes to be made, go back and complete the change.

In these five easy steps, creating your gallery is very simple. Manage your digital photos with great ease and enjoy bringing back memories.