What Does Coppermine Photo Gallery Do?

Photo gallery creation is a lot easier with Coppermine Photo Gallery. It uses PHP script with a MySQL backend to support the photo gallery creation software. The latest version, CPG 1.5, has extra advanced features as compared to the previous CPG 1.4. It integrates the web picture galleries and allows you to create your own. Here are a few of the features included in the old and new versions.

Picture Arrangement

Arrange all your pictures into the interface and label them with the album title and categories. You may also upload pictures from the Internet and have the option to upload your pictures simultaneously or by bulk with the Multi-pic Upload.

Thumbnail Customization

Get full multimedia support to accompany your picture arrangement. Customize the thumbnail’s height or width and choose how you want it to be shown. The Coppermine Photo Gallery gives the option to show a filmstrip below the image displayed to give the user the option to browse through different pictures with ease.

Enhanced Admin Pages

There are more privileges given to administrators. This includes online help features for the admin pages. They are also given the option to change the user profile fields and have the leverage to moderate the software better.

Multi-Lingual Feature

To cater to a wider audience, the Coppermine Photo Gallery allows different languages to be used not just by admin but also by the users. If the software does not initially cater to the language used, a translator can be created for your own language.

More advanced and customized photo gallery software, like Coppermine, gives you the leverage to customize and personalize the gallery more, helping you recall every memory worth remembering.