What Does BigHugeLabs Do?

BigHugeLabs helps you edit your pictures with easy-to-use templates, to make even everyday pictures special. You can add effects, style and drama to your digital pictures and unleash your creativity while doing it. The program provides a wide a range of options to make your digital photos more attractive, creative and memorable. Here is a look at the software offered.

Mosaic Maker

You can get your pictures all together in one mosaic, and coordinate the colors, shapes and effects of one picture to complement the other and give the whole mosaic contrasting drama.


You can make your picture look like an about-to-be finished jigsaw puzzle. Expand the jigsaw effect by ordering a 10x14 inch 252-piece puzzle which you can put together yourself.


You can choose pictures from your Flickr account or anywhere form the web and have them compiled into one show for your friends. You can have as many as 36 pictures in your slideshow and reminisce over the good times.

Photo Booth

Get that photo booth illusion from your digital pictures and add a bit of drama to them. Make them look like vintage photo pictures, with different candid poses.

Magazine Cover

Have you always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? You can be a superstar and strike a pose like a real model. Choose your own background and magazine layout and show your friends how famous you have become, or could be.