What does AutoCorrect Do?

AutoCorrect is a function of auto color correction. If you want to make a video presentable as a film, you need to use autocorrect to do this. Because video tends to make the edges on the images harder than is pleasing to the eye, auto correct is used to make them softer.

Level of Broadcasting

Black and white both have different levels for broadcasting than for video, so these need to be corrected. The color is altered to remove certain colors and then you start auto color correction. You need to refine the process by bringing down some of the blacks and adding extra to some of the whites. This alteration brings the balance closer to the coloring require for film.

What AutoCorrect does is change the levels of black and white to the required levels for broadcasting. The colors can be tweaked and then you need to correct the RGB values so as to match the backgrounds. While doing this, you need to bring out the flesh tones on the humans and create an edit that is smoother and closer to movie film than to video.

By doing this, you end up with a product more like a film than a video. By matching the background when doing the RGB values, you also make sure that you don’t have a shift in your editing as you move from cut to cut. You enhance your film by adjusting the relevant colors by using AutoCorrect.