What Does 2 Pic Do?

2 Pic is an easy to use image editing program that is made by Peter Moor of Moor Software. You may have used other image editing programs in the past, such as PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop. 2 Pic is similar to those image editing programs, except 2 Pic is free. 2 Pic is available for Windows operating systems.

1. Image Effects

2 Pic makes it easy for you to apply effects to images. In addition to being able to rotate images in 2 Pic, you can also use 2 Pic to turn images into mosaics and to sharpen images. 2 Pic even comes with a tool that allows you to insert multiple layer text boxes into images.

2. Creating Unique Images

You will have a blast expressing your creative side with 2 Pic. One of the many ways that you can create a unique image in 2 Pic is by merging multiple images with each other. 2 Pic also allows you to fade multiple photos into each other to create a one of a kind piece of art. 2 Pic also comes with an aerosol tool that allows you to sprout images into each other.

3. File Formats

One of the best features of 2 Pic is the fact that 2 Pic supports all major image file formats. A few of the many image file formats that are supported by 2 Pic include BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and PCX. 2 Pic even supports ICO and CUR image file formats so that you can create unique icons and cursors for your Windows operating system.