What Are National Geographic Topo Maps?

Before going out and ordering National Geographic Topo Maps, it's important to understand their definition. These are, in fact, maps that are very useful for anyone wanting to explore different parts of the world. In fact, with National Geographic Topo Maps, it is possible to plan routes in a much more efficient manner. This in turn means that before stepping out into the wilderness or even an urban landscape, you need to use these maps to help you plan your entire route to perfection.

There are many benefits to using these maps including gaining access to trail overlays (downloadable). It is also possible to plan a biking, hiking, backpacking and even paddling trip in a more efficient manner.

USGS Topographic Maps

TOPO harnesses all the power that you can expect from a genuine USGS topographic map. You will find that this software is going to make it very easy to upload you routes and locate waypoints, as well as plan your excursions in the best manner possible.

Mapping software

Without a doubt, National Geographic Topo Maps are the best that you can find. Today, the software for mapping purposes has come a long way. TOPO in particular is very sophisticated; it has route profiling features and it is also able to handle 3D.

Backcountry Traveler

If you are a backcountry traveler, then these maps will prove to be invaluable for you, especially since they are convenient and will help you to draw routes directly onto a map. Then the software will display the entire route profile including elevation and distance, as well as slope angles and aspect.

Pencil Tool

TOPO allows you to draw your route on your map, and the software is also able to interface with various GPS devices thereby ensuring that you can easily download/upload waypoints to your device. All that is required is to create different waypoints on the GPS device at any time during the hike or outdoor adventure.

Then, when you gain access to a computer, you can interface with TOPO and this software will then handle, as well as show you, the precise route from one point to the next. It is also possible to edit your route and once the final route has been created, you can just sit back while TOPO builds a suitable profile of the route.

Route Information

TOPO is also able to display a whole host of very useful information about your route including full scale cross-section outlines. This will help you understand what the distance from one point to the last is and then you can use this information to plan your adventure with greater precision.

Zoom In

TOPO even allows users to zoom in on select sections of their routes. It will also display pertinent information such as the grade of a section.

All in all, National Geographic Topo Maps helps in instantly generating routes and will also display useful information such as total distance and grade--all of which has made these maps an essential part of proper route planning.