Wedding Video Editing: Video Length

Wedding video editing is a specialized art in itself because it follows a different set of rules than other types of film editing. In most video productions, we edit under the belief that less is more. We tend to want our productions to be as short and jam-packed as possible so that we can satisfy the audience's attention spans. Wedding videos are the opposite. The core audience is the bride and groom, the two people whom this day centers around. You want to include as much as possible, so that they can vividly remember every detail about that special day.

What to Cut

Because you're not producing this for a mass audience, you can and should include everything possible, while delivering a video that appears professional. Professional editors get insulted when their craft is reduced to "just cutting the bad parts out," but as a wedding video editor, this is your first broad stroke.

Go through your footage and find all the parts where the camera is shaky or you're running to get a new angle. Basically get rid of anything that is not a nice shot of the wedding. Once you have all of your good clips, you can begin to mold it into a structured video. Edit the pieces together as a montage of the ceremony hall and the guests arriving. Then edit a sequence of the bridal party arriving to the alter and the bride and groom exchanging vows. Next you can cut to the wedding party arriving at the reception. Then the speeches, the first dance, a montage of the party, etc. 

Why You Should Include as Much as Possible

Remember, your audience doubles as the stars of the wedding. They're going to watch the video five years from now so that they can remember as much as possible about their wedding day. You want to give them a lot to watch, because these people are not going to fast forward through the boring parts; they're going to love everything.

Remember that there is no standard length when it comes to wedding videos. Talk to the couple before the wedding to get an idea of what they will want. And because a wedding only happens once, you should constantly be shooting something so that nothing misses your attention. If the couple does want a short version, then see if you can also give them the raw footage too. This way they'll have every possible memory from that day. And another thing to keep in mind: happy customers tend to give great referrals.

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