Wedding Video Editing: Music

There are several things to remember when doing wedding video editing. The music that accompanies these wedding videos can either make or break the video. Read below for more information regarding the importance of music in wedding videos.

Romantic vs. Cheesy

There are some songs that will forever be associated with weddings. While they may be remembered years from now, they may also be frowned upon for the cliche that they provide. Attempt to shy away from these unless you are absolutely sure that this is how you would like your wedding to be remembered. If you are a videographer for a client, be sure to ask them what type of music they prefer on their video. Following the requests of the client will save you embarrassment and the loss of potential clients.

Fast Songs

All of the songs that you choose for your video do not have to be slow, romantic songs. Perhaps you like a few dance songs that remind you of a particular dance that you did at your wedding. These memories can make for some of the best because they are not always remembered until the video is viewed. Weddings are not all about slow, boring music. They can also be about the moments that are fun and laid back, especially if the couple being video taped is not having a traditional wedding.


The entire video does not have to include music. There are times when the talking is also very important. If a person is giving a toast, even background music is not needed because you will want your main focus to be on the person who is talking. If the moment is more serious, a fun song would not be appropriate.

Think Classical

Not all music has to have words. Consider some classical music for your wedding videos. There are many classical songs that are known for their soft, happy melody. Going for songs without words can also lend more importance to the things that are taking place.

Let the Family Choose

There are some songs that mean a lot to various family members. Perhaps the father of the bride will forever remember a song that he used to sing to his daughter. Including this song while he is walking her down the aisle or dancing with her can bring those memories of childhood come flooding back. For a unique twist, have a member of the family each write down a song that reminds them of the bride and groom. Somehow incorporating these into the wedding video will allow each family member to feel as if they have contributed to the video in some way.


There are several websites available on the Internet that give ideas for various songs. You can research those that are most used so that you can avoid these if the bride and groom want you to keep away from trendy songs. Remember, it is all about what the client wants. Now is not a time to experiment with trendy songs that are popular for a few weeks.

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