Wedding Video Editing: Cutting Away

When editing wedding videos, sometimes our decisions to cut are based on covering something up, rather than artistic reasons. There is no reason to include shaky sections or footage of the camera pointing at the ceiling as you rush to get the action from another angle. They take away from the viewing experience and make the video appear more amateur than professional. You need to seamlessly cut out these bad moments from your video.

Shoot a Lot of Footage

Video editing begins when you decide what you want to shoot. Deciding on what coverage you will get will determine how it all edits together. The ideal strategy is to shoot as much as humanly possible, so that you have a wide range of editing choices, but there needs to be some thought put into this. For example, between the major moments of the wedding you should try to grab what are called "cut away" shots.

Cut Away Shots

These shots could be anything. The gifts at the table, the cake waiting to be cut, people dancing, people sitting, whatever you want. The purpose of these shots is to act as filler. Let's look at the dance floor as an example.

The bride and groom are dancing together, and we have about a minute of that. Now we want to run to another angle so we have something to cut to in the edit. After they're done dancing, we can grab a quick ten-second shot of another couple dancing. That way, if the cuts between the two angles appear to jump, we can add the other couple in there so it all seems seamless. So it would go like this: wide angle of bridge and groom, insert of grandma and grandpa dancing, tight shot of bride and groom.

Why Cut Aways Work

You can get away with these shots in wedding videos because the more details you include about the day, the more your video will be appreciated in the years to come. Yes, the day does center around the bride and groom, but, with the exception of maybe their parents, they're going to be the only people watching it a few years from now. They will appreciate the cut aways showing their guests because they will remind them off all the special people in their lives that came to be with them that day.

A wedding is one of the most important days in anyone's life. The goal of a wedding video is to preserve those memories, and cutting away helps us pack in as much as possible.

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