Wedding Photography Software: Using Digital Darkroom

If you are looking for wedding photography software, look no further than Digital Darkroom. Digital Darkroom can help you with everything from proofing your photos to enhancing your photos to selling your photos. Digital Darkroom is compatible with Windows operating systems.

1. Proofing

Of course, you need to proof your wedding photos before you show them to your client. However, it can take hours to proof wedding photos individually. Digital Darkroom allows you to create a proof sheet that will be automatically applied to your wedding photos when you print them out.

2. Enhancing

Do a few of your wedding photos need a touch-up here or there? Enhancing tools that come with Digital Darkroom include blemish removal, clone, sharpen, dodge, colorize, and much more. If you like how you edited one of your wedding photos, simply create a template based off of your results that you can apply to your other wedding photos.

3. Selling

Digital Darkroom makes it easy for your to sell wedding photos to the bride, groom, and the attendees. When you purchase Digital Darkroom, you are given access to an online storefront that you can upload your photos to. The wedding party that you photographed can then log onto the website and purchase whatever wedding photos they want to.