Web Gallery Builder: Great Features

Web Gallery Builder is a program that can easily make websites that can display your photos. You also don’t need to know how to work with HTML in order to make this program work. Customize your own web gallery by choosing different themes and backgrounds, depending on your mood or style of photos.

No Space Limit

Web Gallery Builder allows you to make unlimited albums with no space restrictions. Some web galleries limit the number of photos that you can upload. This program allows you to upload all of the photos you want and it will not hinder you from doing so.

Managing Images

It also gives you the freedom to manage your images quickly and easily. You can sort, preview and organize your photos in a flash.

Adding Captions

Add captions to your images and albums so you can clearly label and define them. This will also makes it easier for you to organize your photos. All you have to do is look for the appropriate caption.

Attractive Themes

In order to complement your photos and albums, you can choose from a lot of fun and attractive themes. The number of themes continually grows and there are new designs constantly added.