Web Gallery Builder: Applying the Features

Web Gallery Builder is a great digital photo album software program that can create websites that showcase your photos. You can set the interface with different album settings and make things easier and fun for the users. Apply different themes to your gallery, depending on your taste and mood. There are a lot of other features that you can apply using Web Gallery Builder and below are some of them.

Unlimited Space

Most web gallery programs limit the space with which you can upload your photos, but not Web Gallery Builder. You can upload as many images as you want and you will not be restricted by any space limitations.

Image Management

Organize and manage your photos online with this program. If you have thousands of photos, it may be difficult to find a particular image due to the size of your library. Effectively sort and organize your photos for better handling.


Properly label your images and albums by adding captions to them so you know what the photos are all about just by reading the little notes at the bottom. This makes it easier to find photos in your library.


Select from several fun themes that you can apply to your albums and photos. Make your images more interesting by applying these themes offered to you by Web Gallery Builder.